We hope the website addresses below will assist you with funding for your project :

Wakeham Trust –

Small grants are available for community and voluntary groups throughout the UK

Tesco Charity Trust Community Awards Scheme –

Apply for a one-off donation of between £500 to £4,000. The Tesco Charity Trust aims to help Tesco support the local communities in which they operate.

Giving White Paper –

The Government have announced a £10m Social Action Fund as part of its Giving White Paper

Millennium Now –

Big Lottery Fund launches new £11m Millennium Now fund for inspirational projects

Green Leeds Limited –

Green Leeds gives out grants to groups that want to carry out environmental improvements to public amenities in Leeds. By public amenities we mean any space, facility or building that can be enjoyed by the general public for leisure, recreation or entertainment. Green Leeds Ltd is a company, registered charity and partnership between Leeds City Council and Groundwork Leeds. It was established in September 1997 for the purpose of receiving and administering landfill tax credits in Leeds. Landfill tax funding must be spent on projects fulfilling Entrust objectives. This includes reclamation, reduction in pollution, environmental improvement and environmental protection. Another requirement is that the site must have full public access.

Government Funding Website –

A new free access website containing up to date information on community and sport funding from four key central government departments was launched in September 03.  Developed and managed by the Directory of Social change and funded by the Active Community Unit, the website aims to make applying for government funding easier and faster.

Access Funds –

Website that provides the latest funding information, sourced from government departments, the National Lottery and is developed governing bodies. It also provides a range of services, training courses and funding directories and guides.

Sport England –

The nations biggest supporter may soon be worth contacting with their Lottery funded programmes and initiatives.

Yorventure –

Yorventure is an independent not-for-profit Environmental Body that distributes grants to community and environmental projects through the Landfill Communities Fund with landfill tax credits generated by Yorwaste.  Yorventure funding covers mainly the City of York and North Yorkshire area and also supports projects in Northern Bradford.

Waste Recycling Environmental Limited (WREN) –

WREN is committed to the provision of grants under the terms and conditions of the landfill communities fund.

Awards for All –

The ‘Awards for All’ scheme is supported by the Arts Council England, the Big Lottery Fund, the Heritage Lottery Fund and Sport England. They award grants up to £10,000.00 for people to take part in art, sport, heritage and community activities, and projects that promote education, the environment and health in the local community.

The National Lottery

Lottery funding is a joint website run by all lottery funders in the UK.  Find out about lottery funders in the UK including who they are and what they fund.

Community Matters –

Community Matters is the National Federation for Community Organisations. Community Matters has played a key role in promoting and supporting action by ordinary people in response to social, educational and recreational needs in their neighbourhoods and communities.

Lloyds TSB Foundation –

Every year the Lloyds TSB Foundation funds thousands of charities working to tackle disadvantage across England and Wales. The focus is on supporting small and medium underfunded charities that can make a significant difference to the lives of disadvantaged people by helping them to play a fuller role in the communities of their choice.

Community Foundation Network –

Community foundations are charities located across the UK dedicated to strengthening local communities, creating opportunities.

Online grant databases
Two of the most popular websites to search are below, however other are available for both local and national grants.
UK wide ones are GRANTnet Funding Central.

Inspiring Scotland
Inspiring Scotland is an exciting new way of using money and skills to improve the lives of Scotland’s most vulnerable
people. By putting in place significant long term funding and development support for Scotland’s charities we are changing people’s lives for the better.
The money is coming from a range of investors, all driven by a desire for social change and we are committed to carrying out robust evaluation to let us know what is working so everyone involved can build on success and improve results.

A charitable group that awards funding for green/open spaces that benefit disadvantaged communities as well as providing opportunities to form corporate partnerships.

A registered charity which works to improve parks and green spaces by raising awareness, involving communities and creating skilled‐

Landfill Tax Credit Funding
The aim of the LTCS is to encourage and make people aware of the benefits of sustainable waste management practices, such as recycling and the re‐use of waste and to work with communities that live in the close proximity to landfill sites in order to improve their social and physical environments. The landfill tax credit scheme enables landfill site operators to donate up to 6.0 per cent of their landfill tax liability to environmental projects in return for a 90 per cent tax credit.
A register of landfill operators is maintained by HM Revenue & Customs at
To locate the list enter “List of Registered Landfill Site Operators” (including the speech marks) in the search box on their website

The regulator that oversees the activity of all Environmental Bodies (EBs) across the UK and give final approval of grants. 

A multi‐million pound environment fund managed by the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts, which utilises landfill tax credits donated by Biffa Waste Services. In less than nine years Biffaward has awarded £80 million to more than 1,000 environmental and community projects across the whole of the UK and this funding has enabled the creation and upgrading of numerous new children’s play areas.

London Play
The London Play website lists major funding sources and website links for the London area.

A government funded scheme set up to help fund grass roots and community sports in England. They do this by matching new sponsorship money with Sportsmatch funding, on a pound for pound basis. Applications to Sportsmatch for funding can be made from any not‐for‐profit organisation capable of delivering community sport.

RBS Supergrounds
is a six year, £6 million community programme which is aimed at improving school grounds and helping to improve
learning through play. RBS employees are allowed to nominate their local school (Primary or Secondary) for this award. The RBS employee can increase the chances of receiving a grant if they are a PTA member, governor, volunteer, fundraiser or supporter of the school. Fund Value: £4,000 paid in three instalments.
Who can apply: RBS employee nominated

Local Funding‐ Independent fundraising

Local Partnerships

Community groups sometimes receive support from their local businesses who are keen to support their community by offering some financial support.

Local Authorities – funding guidance
Some councils have their own external funding team who can advise you on how to approach both local and national funding streams.
Community Infrastructure Levy/Section 106 payments
Developers often make agreements to contribute funds or payment in‐kind toward local infrastructure in close proximity to the development, many playground or green space projects are supported by this kind of funding.
The systems are similar but the CIL is gradually being phased into councils and will take over the majority of local authority infrastructure charging. The levy will see a larger proportion of these funds earmarked for neighbourhoods to have a direct say on what infrastructure it will fund.

The Robertson Trust
The Robertson trust aims to make a difference in individual’s lives and has a focus on education for people with special educational needs. The school must be a registered charity. Fund Value: Small revenue grant up to £5,000 and capital grant up to £10,000
Who can apply: Anyone in Scotland as long as the project is supported by the school.